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ALTNET Pedagogy

Page history last edited by Chris Bilson 15 years, 1 month ago

We have > 50% new people in this room



  • We need to learn how to teach better
    • Ask not what ALT.NET can do for you, ask what you can do for ALT.NET
  • We'd like more new people to come
    • but the window for registration is tight
    • Kathleen suggests saving spot for new people for 48 hours
    • We should re-instate the "demo fishbowl" to give basics to new people
    • Encourage people to suggest topics like this and the "silent majority" will show up
      • This helps new people feel safe and welcome
    • Some people also want to talk to people who are smarter than them
    • "Should be we pusing knowledge or information literacy at newbies?"
    • Real feedback: We don't have to get to everybody. Brown bags. Videos.
  • Pedagogy /= Teaching
    • Accomodating different learning styles
    • Definiing Success
      • Need to have the same definition 
  • Facilities
    • Microsoft can be engaged to help figure out where to do this
    • Los Angles .NET Users Group does something where they give you facilities and food for $49/day.
  • People don't know about "pre-requisites"
    • Forgot to put up and altnetpedia link on the wiki. Oops! Sorry! Here it is.
  • Mentoring (at work)
    • start from pain points and work from there
  • Making the community more accessible (the "don't be mean" stuff)
    • we can introduce principals even if people are using Cold Fusion          
  • Code Kata
  • Can we start a "league of free presenters?" Interested? mailto:cbilson@pobox.com
    • Karl Seguin's book as a basis for a course
    • Microsoft Training is accepting community content - thanks @mhinze
    • I started a google group: http://groups.google.com/group/lunchtime-speakers
      • if you want to be available for this, join the group and say where you are
      • if you want to talk to someone about coming to your company, post something to the list






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