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Enitites vs Messages

Page history last edited by Glenn Block 11 years, 9 months ago



  • Deciding Entity vs Message relates all the way to how we display the data to the user.
    • Concurrency - do we care about if one user overlaps another data? Is last one  / first one wins? Or do we need to perform a union?
  • Losing the context of what the user was doing.
    • If a user is modifying some data in the UI, how do I know what was going on?
      • How do we validate?
      • How do we check concurrency?
    • How does the user express intent of what they are doing?
    • Task driven UI model necessary.


  • Without having a task based application, all the messages in the world do not matter.
  • Messaging necessary for occasionally connected apps in order to properly execute business logic / validation on the server


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