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NETMono on the Mac Linux the iPhone

Page history last edited by Chris Bilson 14 years, 12 months ago

This was one of my favorite sessions of the day, but only the last part.


Miguel showed some examples of people building games for the iPhone. He explained the constraints and how people were working around them.


We looked at some mono applications targeting the Mac.


Miguel kept trying to go into interactive mode but it wasn't really working.


We discovered that no one in the room actually builds mono applications and asked why not?


Then Miguel showed us the coolest thing (IMHO): SUSE Studio. Using this tool, it's possible to build a VM image or an ISO image that has your app and it's dependencies configured. This would be great for provisioning lots of machines or making it easy for customers to install your software (and reduce the support burden of having customers configure the machines.)


There was a visual studio addin that takes care of verifying your program has no issues running on mono (MoMA) which runs against IL (so works with VB, I assume), and can create an RPM or other package for your .NET application.


Here is a link to the alpha sign up for the visual studio plugin: http://www.go-mono.com/visualstudio/



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