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Page history last edited by Brian Henderson 11 years, 11 months ago

This is the unofficial copy of the schedule. The official copy is in the big room, where we had the opening, on the whiteboards. We will try and maintain a copy here, but the official schedule is on the whiteboard.


NOTE: If you're convening a session, assign someone to take notes and link to them here. Feel free to make any updates/corrections.


Time-Slot 3006 3008 3200 2200 2441 2600 Main Room
09:00-10:10   Opening Session and Sample Fish Bowl 
11:30-12:30 #1 OSS Dependencies
Ruby 4 Noobs
How can I enable
QA with UI
Sell me on BDD RESTful Services
(Best Platforms)
11:30-12:30   Lunch
12:45-2:00 #2   Javascript
Advanced TDD    

Trace the OS w/ ETW:

Window Perf and OS Metal

Async Websites  CQRS
2:00-3:15 #3 Branch per
Feature / Using Git

  Rx Framework
Message Oriented Objects
3:15-4:30 #4 Storevil
  Scripting .NET
Continous Deployment
Single Assertion as a rule is a smell
4:30-5:15 #5 Closing
Time-Slot 3006 3008 3200 2200 2441 2600 Main Room
09:05-10:15 #1 Playing Doctors on TV
Build Scripts - Can We Do Better /
Continuous Integration
Practical F#
Collaboration: Why is it so hard?
MVC Viewmodels
MVVM and Blend
10:50-11:30 #2 Norwhal Pigs / The Command
is a Lie
Large Scale
Web Sites
Future of the Web: HTML5 SVG
Intro 2 Kanban
The Role of
ALT.NET in the Startup
Coding Dojo
11:30-12:45   Lunch
12:45-2:00 #3 MSpec   Silverlight

I'm not psychic:

Finding perf.


Hacking NUnit 

Advanced R#
DDD Query Patterns
2:00-3:15 #4 Clouds!
Job Networking /
Consultants Co-op

DB Change


Functional Reactive

Request / Response

3:15-4:30 #5 IOC
for REST
  How I build
software in Unix
(on a Mac) -
An Interactive Demo
Web Applications
for Fun and Profit
Advanced MEF 
4:30-5:00   Closing


Sessions Without an Assigned Location (yet):

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