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This is the unofficial copy of the schedule. The official copy is in the big room, where we had the opening, on the whiteboards. We will try and maintain a copy here, but the official schedule is on the whiteboard.


NOTE: If you're convening a session, assign someone to take notes and link to them here. Feel free to make any updates/corrections.


Time-Slot 1 2 3 4 Pascal Van Gogh 7
08:00-08:45   Registration
09:00-09:20   Morning announcements & Daily News
09:30-10:45 #1 Advanced R# Generative User Interfaces 
Mentoring Non-Developer Developers  .Net + Startups   
11:00-12:15 #2 Developing cross-platform .net solutions  NOSQL + .Net  Algorithms  Giles - Continuous Testing Tool       
12:15-  1:30 Lunch
 1:30-  2:450 #3 Open Source in Business  Lib vs FX and how 
Domain Validation 
Too Much Learning? 





#4  Developer Podcasts
Thinking in Events   
Game Programming     



C Daily Reports & Closing Session


Sessions Without an Assigned Location (yet):




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