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This is the unofficial copy of the schedule. The official copy is in the big room, where we had the opening, on the whiteboards. We will try and maintain a copy here, but the official schedule is on the whiteboard.


NOTE: If you're convening a session, assign someone to take notes and link to them here. Feel free to make any updates/corrections.


Time-Slot 1 2 3 4 Pascal Van gogh 7
08:00-08:45   Registration
08:45-09:20   Welcome and Opening Session Plenary with James Shore
09:20-10:20   Open Spaces Begin w/ Corey Haines Facilitating
10:30-11:30 #1 Cheating BDD 
Castle Monorail  Rx Extensions   
11:40-12:40 #2 CQRS + Eventsourcing  Distributed Version Control  UI Future Technologies  Insertion of Confusion (IOC)  EAGLE     
12:40-  2:00 Lunch
 2:10-  3:10 #3 One Spinning Triangle  Micro-ORM 
"3 wishes" for the CLR 

Lightsaber IDE




#4  Where are alt.net women?
Messaging Architectures  Rabu - getting customers to love us 
Alternative Programming Models     



#5  Continuous Deployment
Modelling concepts for collaboration 
The Balmer Peak  Open Web Interface for .net       



#N Daily Reports & Evening News


Sessions Without an Assigned Location (yet):



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