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Programatically expose application functionality / services over HTTP to a large range of clients. Build RESTful services which leverage the intermediaries of the web and which are inherently evolvable.





There were a few things I said in the session about HTTP that well, just weren't true. Below are the clarifications. Yes, even blue badges make mistakes. :-)

  1. I said: Location header can be set to a relative URI. False. RFC2616 clearly says that location header must be absolute. I have updated the sample / test code to show you how can generate an absolute by using the request URI which you can get off of HttpRequestMessage<T>.
  2. I said: POST should always return a status 201 or 202 and not a 200. False. POST should only return a 201/202 IF it is creating a resource. Henrik rightly pointed out that in most cases when POST is used there is no resource created. For example a person may POST an order for a pizza and only get back a receipt without a resource being created for the order.




Create data driven jQuery applications with ease.









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