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Page history last edited by Jack Stephens 9 years, 4 months ago

How do you start writing games, Jeff Tucker suggest writing a One_Spinning_Triangle program. Or you can re-implement a simple games like Tetris, Pong, PacMan, etc. When you get this done, expand on it (if you were working on Tetris, you can make it 3-D with a specific camera angle.


A game loop contains (in no particular order)

     while( user doesn't exit )

       check for user input

       run AI

       move enemies

       resolve collisions

       draw graphics

       play sounds

     end while


Don't write the kind of games you like to play.


A game has to be "Fun". What is "Fun", you can guess at what makes a game "Fun". After you do all the paper design, build a simple prototype and see how it works. If it is "Fun" continue. If you are writing casual games substitute "Addictive" for "Fun".


Games can be too realistic. Sometimes random numbers are thrown out because "The game can't possibly hit me 5 times in a row".


Hiding network latency is important. The UI will start rendering an action before checking in with the server and make adjustments after it gets instructions from the server. 




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